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It took Roger Dubuis months to get a proper press release out on this watch with specs. I took images of the new Easy Diver watches back in January 2010, and am only now able to share them with you. I wanted some hard details to go along with the images. Prices will start at ,900 for the subsidiary second model versions. Here are two different models. The sub seconds version and the chronograph. While the EasyDiver Chronograph is a sexy number, I think the real momentum is with the time only model.

To further me gently incestuous message, Patek Philippe even clarifies, "the focus of the visual is on the special intimacy that mothers and daughters share." Damn straight it is. Is this a product of a sick mind or a reasonable interpretation of the ad. To be fair, most of the other "Something truly precious holds its beauty forever" ads aren't as suggestive - but to me, this one is. Maybe that is what Patek is going for? A little flirty and naughty to sell luxury women's watches. On the other hand, my mere suggestion of this might make Mr. Stern (CEO of Patek Philippe) flip out, forbid all marketing communication to and anything else that Ariel Adams writes for, and pull the ads. Which of course, would be freakin' hilarious. Sadly, I don't think Patek has that sense of humor. If you like, you can actually check out some more of the ads in this campaign here.

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To my knowledge, Longio is one of the only Chinese watch brands trying to push and market their tourbillon watches aggressively. I reviewed one of their Telamon 1000m Tourbillon Dive watches here, and originally discussed Longio Chinese tourbillon watches here. You can find more information about the brand in those articles. Here I would like to share with you a few of their new, or other pieces. I visited them at Baselworld and snapped some shots - though the above images of the green numeraled Asamara Tourbillon were sent to me from Longio themselves.

Listen to HourTime show watch podcast episode 32 here.

Citizen Eco-Drive World Perpetual AT Watches

Citizen Eco-Drive World Perpetual AT Watches

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Priced at ,200, the Diver is by no means an inexpensive purchase. But AP delivers the goods with applicable function and style. Moreover, it’s powered by what’s considered one of the best automatic movements on the market, making their first entry into this category a real winner.

Column wheel Black PVD coating

Turn over the watch and you’ve got my pulse jumping. One of the signs of high watchmaking is when the movement fits into the case like a hand slipping into a perfectly tailored glove. Breguet designed the automatic egg-shaped movement specifically to cozy up in this space. What’s so breathtaking is that the movement, visible through a sapphire crystal, is an artistic as well as mechanical achievement. The bridges and oscillating weight form an image of a dove, with the design extending to the engraving on the case. As you can tell I’m more entranced with the back of the watch than the front.

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The watches all have AR coated domed sapphire crystals (vintage style to look like old acrylics), and are water resistant to 100 meters. Straps are black (or brown - depending on the dial color) calf leather straps steel folding deployment clasps. Each 123 model should be complimented with a 126 chronograph model. While we don't see one here for the Vintage Officer watch, I presume one is coming. The entire collection should be available nearer to the end of the year. Prices for the models should be in the ,900 - ,200 range.

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One Of The Last Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.012 Watches

SwissKubiK did a good job with this watch winder, and it is even available in a number of styles and finished. Lots of colors and materials. The one I am reviewing is black and wrapped in calf leather. Prices for the SwissKubiK are high, but not unreasonable for a high-end Swiss made device. The units start at 5, with this leather wrapped version going for 5. I can't see anyone being disappoineted after getting one. Don't forget to check out all the decorative options to make it "yours."

It would be wrong for me to suggest that the Outland 3H is the watch for everyone. "Drop everything, go out, and buy this new sensation!" Not a sentiment that applies here. Why? Because being a "different" type of watch RSW intends for a timepiece like this to appeal strongly to a few, and be quizzically starred at by the rest. Personally, I dig the watch a lot. It is a thoroughly modern looking timepiece with Swiss mechanical innards. A watch for the "why do we need a watch generation." The case looks and feels like a gadget. A mechanical watch with the spirit of a digital clock. It is just the type of item that can help introduce a "watch oblivious" generation to the wonderful world of timepieces. I suspect that the tech friendly generation would be very open to a watch like the RSW Outland 3H watch if it was introduced to them properly.

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It isn't that much different back at Hublot Headquarters - most people you see are representing the brand proudly. Jean-Claude is modern in style when it comes to days at the office. iPhone in hand, he strolls around texting and answering e-mails with regularity. Back at his desk, JCB spend much of the day intently looking at his large computer screen managing his life on Facebook, and responding to e-mails. He is noted in the watch industry as being a man who is uniquely reachable. If you send Jean-Claude an e-mail, chances are he will read it and get back to you if it isn't too much trouble. The lack of artificial barrier between the leadership of the brand and the world is an important part I believe in Hublot's organizational flexibility, and JCB's awareness of the brand's salient issues and opportunities. It flies in the face of the stereotypical ignorant, outdated executive that most people picture sitting in ivory towers atop the corporate world.

The RGM Pennsylvania Tourbillon Calibre MM 2 movement is based on the RGM Calibre 801 (which itself borrows design elements from classic American made pocket watches - think prior to 1900). As a tourbillon the movement is lovely in design and decoration. RGM has created over the last several years a bona fide classic watch makers workshop. Though only recently has the brand been very interested in being serious movement makers. This is a direction the brand is moving in, in addition to creating beautifully decorated movements using classic guilloche machine engraving. Those wise in the ways of movements will quickly look at the Pennsylvania and realize that while it is similar to Swiss, French, or German movements, it has a uniqueness to the design, and looks to have elements taken from all parts of watch movement making history.

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Jaeger-LeCoultre is proudest of the special platinum (and ceramic) version of its AMVOX3 Tourbillon GMT watch being worn a lot by Tony Stark. The third watch made to celebrate the Aston Martin racing partnership between them and JLC has the time (with subsidiary seconds dial), periphery date, and second timezone with quick "east/west" time adjustment. This is probably the most suitable watch for the theme of the movie given it's style. The other two watches are much more classic. Tony Stark is likely wearing them while he is in more formal attire.

As I walked in the room to meet with Bremont. I felt as though I basically mumbled hello with my eye looking past the people, and stamped right over to the table with the Supermarine 500 watches. It had been long enough and I wanted to get my hands on the watches. What I really liked about the Supermarine 500 watches was the style, tech specs, and the combination of simplicity with enough decoration not to be boring. This is truly a competent daily wear - still a rarity for me to find in the sea of available watches these days.

Prices for the watches aren't too bad. Made in German, the Max Bill by Junghans watches for 2010 will retail for 1,320 euros for the Chronoscope, 705 euros for the Automatic, and 515 euros for the Manually Wound version. Look for them soon.

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The P42 is a nicely designed piece with a good looking case and a stylish design fit for an explorer or man-about-town. The fashionista's adventure watch? Though you know what I am going to say about the dial. Make the hands longer dammit! Why are they so shy? Patton uses a luminant I've never heard of called LUMINO. Yes, it does sound like a silly sounding super here full of bright happy light. How it compares to SuperLumiNova I don't know. There are lots of strap options available, including a metal bracelet (for the Immersion model). I like the carbon fiber strap actually. You can see a full list of the available models and styles (along with prices) here on Patton's website. Price range from about ,100 - ,200 for the Patton P42 Hyperbare and Immersion watches.

Hublot King Power Formula 1 Monza Limited Edition Watch Hands-On Exclusive

Hublot King Power Formula 1 Monza Limited Edition Watch Hands-On Exclusive