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My intent behind having that simple discussion is to illustrate the fact that pilot watches aren't just about suggesting flight, but are also intrinsically linked to military and commercial history - which is why so many people want one. If something in the Alpina Startimer Pilot collection isn't your thing, there are many others out there.

Maximilian Büsser: Maximilian Büsser, the founder, owner, and creative director of MB&F.

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At Jackmond, the party got a bit more lively, as Jack was nice enough to supply what turned out to be a very ample selection of quality whiskey. Jackmond is not a large location, which means that only a portion of Mr. Khorsandi's collection is ever on display. He has a lot more watches in safes at "various banks." So each time I visit with him, I get to see new things. Some are for sale... and some are just for Jack to show off. This time, one of the amazing things he had was a limited edition set of Omega Speedmaster Apollo Mission watches. One of these sets is located at NASA's HQ and on display to the public. Each of the watches has the unique mission patch from one of the Apollo missions in the subsidiary seconds dial. Super cool, and certainly something for the ultimate Omega or Speedmaster fan. Jack said he got his at auction.

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Benoit actually built a safe-like system into his booth, and shows us as the middle of the table folds out to reveal watches. We listen carefully as he explains what has been going on over the last year while vacuum cleaners operate in the background. Benoit, a native of Belgium who lives in Antwerp, explains to us the complexities of building a watch brand that uses very few of the parts that other watches do. Apparently, his novel timepiece ideas are a headache, but that hasn't stopped him from venturing forth on his life mission and into his third major collection that is confusingly named the Type 1.

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For a while now, Zenith has been a sponsor of the Spindrift Racing team - a group involved in catamaran sailboat racing. Here is one of their latest El Primero watches to celebrate that partnership, and it is actually pretty cool. Boat racing is a popular activity that luxury watch brands like to attach themselves to because a disproportionately large number of wealthy people follow the sport. That is probably because people follow sports they can relate to, and mostly those people who own or sail boats are going to be interested in sailboat racing. As such, I've tried to understand where Spindrift Racing competes and in what types of events... and I am pretty lost, given my unfamiliarity with what seems like obscure European port cities. At least I know something about watches.

At SIHH 2014, Piaget released the Altiplano 38mm 900P, which is the thinnest mechanical watch in the world, at just 3.65mm thick. You can't actually distinguish between the movement and the case in the Altiplano 38mm 900P because the movement plate is actually the caseback of the watch. It isn't likely that anyone is going to beat that record (anytime soon at least). Consumers have been increasingly interested in really thin watches, which is cool. My favorite ultra-thin Piaget is still the Piaget Altiplano 43 Automatic (hands-on) given its size and design. However, to some, "thin is the same as thin." As I've said several times before, once you get too thin (say under 5mm), the watch case appears to be thinner than the strap! So basically, anything under 8 or 9mm thick is going to feel rather svelte on the wrist.

Tag Heuer is a curious brand in that its pieces are diverse in its price range. It makes relatively affordable quartz pieces and at the same time also has some truly outstanding and costly watches such as the Monaco V4 Tourbillion and the MikroPendulumS. And earlier this year at Baselworld, it announced a brand new chronograph movement called the CH80 and a new watch that will feature this new movement called the Carrera CH80. The watch was positively received and many were looking forward to its launch. However, production was delayed time and again and the latest news seems to indicate that Tag Heuer will cease production altogether. This all sounds very drastic, and in this round-up, we feature an article that takes a considered look at why this has happened.

At 45mm wide, the Maurice de Mauriac Chronograph Diver isn't too heavy, as the case and bezel are in titanium. The case here is in PVD black-coated titanium while the bezel is in natural titanium with the red insert. In fact, the heaviest part of the watch feels like the movement, which unfortunately isn't viewable through the solid caseback of the Maurice de Mauriac Chronograph Diver watches, unlike the standard Chronograph Modern models with exhibition casebacks.

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If taken literally, the advice from Mr. Bennahmias would be that watch brands should take careful note of all those little stories, details, and qualities which help people emotionally connect to their products and brands, and then cleverly dispense them via a series of marketing campaigns designed to create a close relationship with a customer. This rarely happens.  What does end up happening is sort of ultra-consolidation, where all the allure of a company, its products, and history are distilled into a few simple messages or images. They frequently fail to properly communicate with people who are eager to understand a brand and develop a relationship with them.

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A rather generic looking fashion-watch advertisement – the same "message" and layout is often translated into luxury watch ads

The next watch is colorfully named Psychedelic Sunsets and reminds me of the animation in the Beatles' Yellow Submarine. Mr. Jones Watches worked with artist Edward Carvahlo-Mongahan on the Psychedelic Sunsets watch, who claims the design is inspired by the shifting look of the city and sky as the sun move over them, over time.

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My theory is that it has to do with what inspires the designers. A generation ago it was cars, airplanes, and boats, and more recently it is science fiction, movies, and video games. Sound funny or strange? Maybe it is, but it is also logical when you think of what many of today's designers grew up with. I believe Deep Space Nine was the Star Trek series after Next Generation, and while it ended 15 years ago, the Star Trek genre continues to inspire fans. Consider items like the MB&F Starfleet Machine and the other items I mentioned to be forms of ultimate fan art.

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In addition to the fact that my literary hero wore the watch, I was also enthralled by how little information was available about the brand and the watch at that time - with a few notable exceptions, there was virtually no information available about them for public consumption. And in terms of actually finding one? Forget it. Most of the forums, and even eBay, were in their infancy, and finding one for sale was damn near impossible. This, of course, only added fuel to the fire, and made it completely irresistible to me.

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Wait, didn’t the A. Lange & Söhne Lange 1 watch come out when the brand “re-launched” in 1994? Yeah, and for the brand’s most basic yet iconic watch, little has changed in over 20 years. For 2015, A. Lange & Söhne revisits the Lange 1 not with major design changes, but with a freshened-up movement that is fully in-house, including an A. Lange & Söhne produced hair spring. The dial of the 2015 Lange 1 offers a few of the modern touches A. lange & Söhne has recently given to the Lange 1 collection. At 38.5mm wide, the Lange 1 is modestly sized, and there is the larger Grande Lange 1 as well. We appreciate that A. Lange & Söhne is putting a lot of effort into strengthening their core collection models as well as ensuring that even at their beginning prices consumers are getting the most bang for their buck when wanting to enjoy this premiere German luxury watch brand. Price is 29,800 Euros in 18k rose or yellow gold and 42,300 Euros in platinum.

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Richard Mille RM 19-02 Tourbillon Fleur Watch Hands-On

I'm with Ariel, when he reviewed the Accutron II in that my favorite reference would be the one with the gold toned face and brown leather strap. Full retro, yet a classic combination. And the case shape reminds me of the rotor of a Mazda rotary engine - which was also high tech engineering around the same time as the original Accutron.

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The consequences are not unexpected: the larger PAM572 carries a lot more heft than its predecessor, as the larger case and wider dial demands much greater presence on the wrist. It is, nonetheless, slim, and the curved profile and angled lugs also help make it look less out of place even on small-to-normal sized wrists. Despite the borderline archaic theme and name, the large "sandwich" dial and its more simple three-hand configuration is covered by a 1.7 millimeter thick sapphire crystal – no plexi, or other more "historic" material here.

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JK: Not at all. They're great watches, of course, but I'm strictly into vintage, from 1970s and before. I like the look of the older watches; most of all, I like to buy pieces that have stories. For me, new watches don't have a story. I buy stories - let's say that!

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