SIHH 2016 Preview: IWC-Swiss Replica Big Pilot’s Watch Annual Calendar Edition “Le Petit Prince”

Both of these watches are Bell & Rosses, and both are BR01 watches. Though they are like twins separated at birth. One went the path of luxury while the other spent their years in a discipline rich military environment. I like that two personalities can come from the same type of origin, and both are useful watches in their own respect. The first watch is a new one, but it was announced a while back. it is the Bell & Ross BR01-93 GMT. Previous to this, only the BR03 watch had a GMT model, and it was a bit smaller than the BR01.

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Pretty cool stuff. Even though they are a bit gimmicky, I am totally sold on the whole cool Swiss watch mixed with cool band idea. Once the auction is over, the proceeds from all 12 watches will be officially donated to the charitable recipient on February 26th at Depeche Mode's "Sounds of the Universe Tour" in Dusseldorf, Germany. I wonder if the winners can right off the amount they spend on the auction items from their taxes, even though they got something for it. I mean the money is going to charity. I understand that you can write off most of it, but you cannot deduct what the fair market of the item is. So let's say the market value of the the watches is ,000, and the auction amount  is 0,000 for one of the watches. The winner should be able to deduct ,000 from their taxes. Interesting tax law question.

If you like the color of the watch, enjoy the features, or are a Casio fan, the Pathfinder PAG110C-3 is a decent addition to your collection. Especially if you find yourself without a proper watch to wear on St. Patrick's day. While not strictly a limited edition, I feel that the watch will have a limited production given that it is as special watch. So don't wait too long to get one. Price is 0 for the watch, and it is exclusively available on

Tourbillon cage
- Inclined at a 25° angle, 24-second rotation
- Cage pillars in Avional
- Titanium cage bridges
- Gold counterweight

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In the month of April 2010, Westime stores will pay your tax for you. I am pretty sure that legally they need to collect tax, but it is on them. This could mean pretty significant discounts on watches. Especially given the caliber of timepieces that Westime carries. Actually, Westime has a good mix of very high-end and more reasonably luxury watches. They have a ton of brands, some of which are: Richard Mille, A. Lange & Sohne, Bell & Ross, Urwerk, Audemars Piguet, Nubeo, MB&F, Corum, and many more mainstream and hard to find independent brands. Click here to find a list of all the brands Westime carries.

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Dial side
Material Brass
Decoration Sand-blasted, drawn flanks, chamfered and polished by hand, vertical Côtes de Genève on underside, circular grained
Colour finish NAC
Barrels 2 barrels in series. Snailed barrel drums and covers, circular-grained open ratchet with 5 arms, chamfered and polished by hand Wheels and pinions Circular-grained wheels, hand-polished mouldings and chamfers
Burnished pivots with rounded and burnished ends

When you get an Essex La Primera GMT, or other Essex watches for that matter, they throw in a lot of stuff. The watch comes in a slightly silly faux-ostrich leather case that has a large drawer and some compartments. The watch comes with a special tool (for the bracelet and bezel), and an extra bezel. So in addition to the black and red bezel as seen here, the watch comes with a silver toned ones which totally changes the look of the watch. Essex also provides a rubber strap (which is more or less necessary with true dive watches).

With 2011 and the watch fairs almost upon us, I thought that URWERK must have an intriguing watch up their sleeve. I wasn’t disappointed. Felix had a box sitting on the table when I arrived. What a tease! I had to wait to finish lunch before he revealed the mechanism hiding within.

High resolution active matrix EPD screens are used in other devices such as ebook readers like the Amazon Kindle and the Sony Reader. Seiko has successfully integrated this type of screen into a wrist watch. Not only that, but the watch performs many numerous functions. Those combined with the e-ink screen make this the digital watch to proudly wear this decade. When Seiko first showed me the watch, they were coy on when it might be released. Hinting that it was an early work in progress. The truth is that the Seiko Active Matrix EPD watches will be available by the end of 2010. OK, so let's go over the main things you'll are going to love about this watch. The movement is the Seiko caliber S770 quartz movement, has an active matrix EPD screen, and a solar cell. That is right, the watch receives power via a solar cell (not just sun light) - a first in an e-ink watch as far as I know. Like Casio Pathfinder watches, you can see the thin solar cell outlining the e-ink screen. This also gives the watch a cool retro look. The movement is also radio controlled. Meaning it receives signals from a local atomic clock. I am not sure how many bands the watch receives (four I think), but you are covered if you live in the US, Japan, and most of Europe. There you go - always accurate, never needs a battery, and has a very clear and easy to read screen.

Say hello to my new little friend. Not that Chanel let me walk away with one, but I wanted to. Call me a brand whore but I love what Chanel has done with their watches. Sure I might think twice about sporting a white one around town, but these new J12 Marine watches are pretty impressive. If you recall, the standard J12 watch looks like a dive watch. It is merely a dive "style" piece, based on the core Rolex Submariner design (with a different face of course). Now Chanel released a truer diver with 300 meters of water resistant, a more dive worthy legible dial, some interesting design features.


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The JwlryMachine Pink has a few changes, but remains more or less the same. First, the case is in 18k pink gold versus white gold.  Instead of amethyst, the watch design uses pink toned quartz and rubellite. It also has diamonds, and a mix of pink, purple, and blue sapphires. This should be a nice "day owl" compliment to the night owl.

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See Cuervo Y Sobrinos on eBay here.

The subsidiary seconds dial has a large arrow hand, but also three small cutaways in the dial. These have a disc underneath the colored red and white. As the seconds move these move from white to red and back again rather quickly. It looks awesome! The power reserve indicator is of the fanciest out there. Basically it is a series of disks. It goes from green to red at the power runs out. When you wind it, the power reserve indicator fill up with green again. The execution of this system is joyous to operate.

Style wise there is a lot to like about the case - masculine and aggressive, it has a lovely feel under your fingers and a strong look. The curved lugs help the case sit very comfortably on the wrist. With the rubber strap closed tight, the watch sits very securely on the wrist, but doesn't flail about if worn a bit more loosely.

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SIHH 2016 Preview: IWC-Swiss Replica Big Pilot’s Watch Annual Calendar Edition “Le Petit Prince”