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Together you have an enjoyable watch that is fun and functional. Retail price without shipping is 0 for a Red8 watch. This model is the Red8 CB-008. It isn't the least expensive watch around, but there is really nothing else out there like it - and it is positioned as a luxury fashion watch that really sacrifices nothing given what it is. You can enjoy the character and thought that went into the watch, and the fact that it does not take itself too seriously. The hip dance music on the Red8 website seems to sum that up well. It is a great watch for people that want something different without any hassle and a watch that can better sum up their lifestyle than most of the stuffy watches that are out there.

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With a bezel that looks like it moves (but it doesn't) and actually moving articulated lugs, the design of the Movado Master Collection's case is pretty intriguing. Overall I like the case, but an ugly face would kill the look. What holds it together is the attractive dial. You could remove the texturing on the face and the asymmetrical hour markers and you'd basically be left with the Museum Watch face. The quasi-sunburst pattern is part of what the original Museum Watch was all about - as the orb at 12 o'clock was meant to represent the sun. The message is pretty clear. Movado will always sell its bread and butter watches, but it realizes that in order to have a broader appeal, it needs to have timepieces available to watch lovers like me (and hopefully you) that need to have function first, then looks - but both are important.

The Marina Chain Collection Watches by Gucci are priced depending on the metal and whether or not diamonds are included, but break down as approximately ,300 for the solid 18 karat Yellow Gold version - ,095 for the 18 karat Yellow Gold and Stainless Steel Version - and ,915 for the simply Stainless Steel version. Available in two sizes - Small ("Large" at 33mm x 43.2mm) and Even Smaller (Or just "Small" at 26mm x 35mm), this is still a very dainty watch. And with several different options for diamonds, you can order a Marina Chain Watch to truly reflect your own style.

The Herios is the square shaped watch, while the Tirion is the round watch. I am not going to go into a lot of details about the watches in terms of the movements or other details. I just wanna share with you a general overview of my impressions and what the watches are all about. The automatic mechanical TriRetrograde movements really put Milus back on the map. They first came out in the Herios watches that came in a series of fancy colors and intriguing square looks. Then other models started to come out when Milus realized how much people enjoys looking at the watch in operation. You have a lot of trendy skeletonization, but it works well and does not take over the movement. The Herios is more of a showy classy watch, while the Tirion models are pure sport. Please note that there are also other Milus watch models with the same style movement. Milus Herios & Tirion TriRetrograde Watches Hands-On Hands-On Milus Herios & Tirion TriRetrograde Watches Hands-On Hands-On

The bezel itself is in black with an inner section without black coating  where there are individual minute markers. Each five minute marker on the bezel is applied with luminant. Going back to the chronograph operation, the pushers have screw down guards for watch resistance. Still, the watch is water resistant to 300 meters even with the guards in the "open" position. When open, there are red bars on the pushers reminding you up this. When the screws are tightened, they move up. and cover the red sections to let you know it is safe to go even deeper than 300 meters. By the way, the grooving around the pushers and screw-down crown are all cut really well, nice and sharp feeling, but not in an uncomfortable way at all. You can see the red colored Swiss Military watch logo engraved into the side of the crown.

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I really want one of these Izul watches, badly. Investigating a bit I found that a few models existed and there are actually a few new ones that MAY be available (only in Japan!). Some models feature a unique twisting case that rotating all the way around. This is really weird actually as the watch chronograph is "upside down." So when you twist it around for the chronograph to be right side up, the watch itself is upside down. I am more attracted to the less "interesting," and more beautiful black or white dial version in the non-rotating titanium case. You can tell that it is a bull-head style with the crown and large pushers on the top. The dial layout is extremely functional and easy to read - the same as in the Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk.

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The most obvious type of watch to include playful lunar features are of course moon phase watches, and the most appropriate are those watches with larger moon phase indicators. I've seen moon phases with a moon display that is plain, those that try to emulate the look of the surface of the moon, those that have all sorts of playful or characterful faces, and thenthe  displays like this that celebrate the moon landing. This watch is a one-off, meaning that there will only be one of them. It is based on higher production watch though, which is the Piaget Emperador Coussin Grande Luna. With some changed colors, a unique caseback engraving, and the foot print on the "moon surface," this Piaget watch also nods to the Apollo 11 mission on the year of its 40th anniversary, with this watch to be auctioned-off at the Only Watch 2009 event in Monaco this year held in September. The watch is in 18k rose gold and is 46.5mm wide with an in-house Piaget Caliber 860P automatic movement. It is not clear what the auction price will be for the watch, but when you combine wealthy people with medical related philanthropic charity events, and mix in alcohol - the money starts to flow, oh yes...

Like most Chinese watch makers, Longio started out as an OEM watch maker (and still is one). This means that they are an "original equipment manufacturer" for other watch brands. Essentially, they make all or part of the watch, while someone else puts their name on it. Longio eventually decided that they want to put their own name on watch. One thing that is most striking about Longio watches is that they are original. The Chinese are known for copying things that others have made. The design of this watch is totally original though. We begin to see character and design that is innately regional to Hong Kong and the surrounding areas. It took Japan a long time before the watches they made had a Japanese character to them. China however is able to learn these lessons observing them from afar, and are already making watches that suit them, not just others.

I am probably not worthy of this watch. This ain't no fashion timepiece or wrist accessory. The watch doesn't care too much about looking good with a tie, or being civilized. No, this watch instead a bona fide tool. Made to endure the rigors of tough adventuring, tours of duty, and combat situations. All that, and it is made to be affordable so that you don't need to be an aristocrat who likes to rough it, to afford one. This is the Red Cell by Rogue Warrior Watches, and it is now available to the public in addition the law enforcement and the military.

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The links are sexy - there is no doubt about that. It was the execution of those links upon a watch that disappoints me a bit.

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Unlike Orbita winders, less expensive Chinese watch winders are prone to failure after a few months, but I haven't heard about this from Orbita. Honestly, I have had several Chinese watch winders die on me... you are the exception to the rule if one last for 6 month to a year or longer. Like all electronic or mechanical things, once in a while watch winders need servicing, but I am confident in the lifespan on the motors in Orbita watch winders. This makes them worth the price, as they simply last a long time.

There are few very watches at this price level with bracelets that look at soon. The wide brushed steel links have a high quality feel, and aren't too thin either (yes, I am talking to you Seiko). The deployment clasp has a triple locking feature that is sturdy and feels nice. Plus, you'll appreciate how the links are bushed on the top and bottom, and polished on the sides - a very good look. I like the Orient engraving on the bottom of the clasp. Another feature you don't see too often on watches at this price point. You'll notice the thick screw-down caseback which helps the 40mm wide case to sit at a good level above the wrist. Size of the watch is perfect for the look being comfortable yet masculine. Being water resistant to 200 meters, you can easily do most diving with the watch easily. The crown and pusher at 2 o'clock are both screw-down as well.

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The movement (Calvet/01/RGT calibre) itself is made of a number of materials including titanium and platinum. The case is available in 18k white or rose gold being 56mm wide by 45mm tall, and just over 16mm thick. The alligator strap connected to it is of the more impressive I've seen. You can see how it is extra thick near the case of the watch. this helps it conform best to shape of your wrist so that the watch fits snugly. I've never seen this done with an alligator strap before. The nooks and crannies of the movement are nice to observe, and the best part of the complex movement is that it is an automatic with a micro rotor. This is one of the few ulta exclusive manufacture watches that is suitable for a showcase, along with daily wear (if you dare!). More information is available at Ladoire's website.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Co-Axial Chronograph “Teak Concept Dial” Watches

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Co-Axial Chronograph “Teak Concept Dial” Watches

A watch like this is of the few examples I can think of where I really don't need to explain too much of the movement's intricacies. For one thing, I am not familiar with each exotic method or material used to construct the movement, and second, the view of the movement itself tells you so much. Though I will give you the basics. The watch movement is automatically wound and features a beryllium triple-cam. This almost no lubrication needing compound made cam (look for the gold colored round object in the movement) is the mechanism that helps the linear time retrograde cylinders jump back to their starting position.  There is also a toothed arm that is apparently called a "rack" that is done in a skeletonized honeycomb pattern motif and is visible through the side of the case.  Honeycomb patterns are all over the watch movement.

The watch will come with Dievas leather packaging, a choice of black or brown water-resistant leather strap.

X marks the sport, or third time's a charm - either is a good way of discussing the new Kazimon Drei watch. A unique and highly functional chronograph that has so much to like, with out so much of a price. "Drei" in German means "three." This is not Kazimon's third watch, but the idea refers to the three subdials present on the dial. The standard for all 12 hour chronograph watches. I like that the watch is an interesting mix between retro and modern style cues. Let's look at the retro cues first.

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Rolex isn't too keen on their watches being modified, but I am sure they love the ideas that Project X gives them. They have an odd protectionist sentiment about their timepieces. Preferring that you should want only what they offer - which while spectacular, is limited. Given the sheer popularity of Rolex watches, it comes with no surprise that wanting to make a "Rolex watch your own" is an expected desire given the options seemingly available. Say you want a Rolex watch in all black, with a different color dial, or perhaps a sapphire case back? Maybe your wishes are for something more grandiose with complex engravings or designs on the watch? Well Rolex has no ear for you, but Project X Designs does. The hidden efforts behind their pieces involve a determined Rolex company that keeps making their watches harder and harder to modify. Project X Designs can be seen as one of Rolex's biggest fans, faithfully preserving the brand's high quality image.

Trigalight tritium gas tubes are used on various places on the dial. Including for each hour marker and on the hands themselves. All the gas tubes are in the white color while the 12 o'clock indicator is in orange. Most of you are familiar with tritium gas tubes, but for those of you who are not, they are small tubes filled with lightly radioactive gas (no worries, that won't harm you one little bit) that glow by themselves nicely for about 25 years. This means that you never need to charge them in light, and they glow clearly in the dark. Tritium gas tubes are probably the best type of luminant out there and I highly recommend watches that use them for those who enjoy or need low light and no light watch dial reading. The most popular so far in the collection has been the Aviator Bucker Bestmann. This watch has a retro cream dial and an automatic three-hand ETA 2824-2 movement. The watch dial is no nonsense function, just like the place it was modeled after. I like the large file textured crown and the large size as some of the existing Traser watches have been small by today's tastes. You get a really classic aviator look with a hardy Swiss movement (visible through an exhibition caseback). On both bracelets is looks nice. I have included only a picture of the Aviator Bestmann on the bracelet, but it is the same bracelet for all the watches. Oh, and the automatic Aviator Bestmann model comes in a limited edition of just 200 watches. They may be sold out already! Price is about 0.