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Guer Man Trace Watch Is Wild And Woodsy Watch Releases Guer Man Trace Watch Is Wild And Woodsy Watch Releases
Not too much is currently known about the Guer Man Trace watch or the company. Their website isn't even up and running yet. The watch was apparently design as a collaboration between an artist and engineer. Pretty standard story, but the result is always better when the two types collaborate versus going it alone. The watch employs a lot of gold as well as other natural materials. The bezel and dial look to be some type of stone.  Plus, around the sides of the watch are many little columns, also appearing to be made of stone, and are reportedly hand made. The case of the watch is in rose gold, and nothing I can write about its shape will be better than simply looking at it. While the case is totally round, the case is oblong and makes for an interesting look. The who design reminds me of what a Sarpaneva watch would be if they took a totally different direction. You can love or leave the face of the watch. It is interesting and pleasant in a quiet sort of way. It makes me think of what the inside of fancy banks look like with the marble stone and applied gold markers. You might see this as being a wall clock applied directly on to stone in a bank building right?

There are three different styles of the Sparta Tesla watch winder. Picture is my favorite with black piano finished sides and a rosewood veneer in the center. There is another version with a silver fiber glass material in the center, and one other with black hand-stitched textured leather. Each of the versions are pretty handsome and a fitting frame for most luxury watches. Prices are the same for each style in the Sparta 1 Tesla collection.

Philip Stein, the watch maker best known for their dual dialed watches, is embracing social media and wants your attention. The new trend today is the Twitter or Facebook giveaway. "If we get X followers/friends we will randomly give away something cool. Philip Stein wants 2,500 Facebook friends and will give away two watches when it gets that many. I've seen Philip Stein watches all over the place from people in restaurants to people on TV. The watches they are giving away are worth over a grand each.


Like most modern Zodiac watches, the design of this watch is a combination of a diver's watch and a pilots watch. The numerals, coloring, crown, and contrasting dial colors all scream pilot watch. While the case, strap, and hands all yell diver watch. Suffice it to say this watch is a combination of the two. The case is large at 48mm wide, and probably pretty thick - though with the titanium case and rubber strap that watch is more than likely to be extremely light.

See an F.P. Journe Tourbillon Souverain watch is available on James List for the price of about ,000.

My Franc Vila EVOS 8 Cobra Watch Article On

My Franc Vila EVOS 8 Cobra Watch Article On

See Casio G-Shock watches on eBay here.Casio G-Shock G-Rescue G7900 Cold Resistant Watches Watch Releases

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First, the MT-G watches in the G-Shock line have always been close to the top in terms of quality and durability. They are really only topped by lines such as the MR-G, that have cases done in DLC. The watch has a number of "hidden features" that aren't so much functions, but make the watch that much less something you need to worry about. It gives me the opportunity as well to discuss again the Casio "Tough Movement" (on the watch as "Tough MVT"). These can be found in some newer analog Casio watches. The point of them is to be self correcting when the watch experiences shock. A small LED light checks the calibrations of the hands each hour to make sure they are perfect. If they are not, the movement realigns itself - brilliant. No more misaligned hands, something that drives me nuts. ALL high-end quartz movements need this! Plus, the hands are all cut from lightweight aluminum. The case itself highly shock resistant as well. With a metal cage for the movement and a shock absorbing bezel.

In addition to the rubber diving strap, the watch comes with a 24mm wide leather strap all in a Pelican brand (model 1030) travel case. I know, it is a bit gimmicky putting the watch in such a durable and hardcore case, but it is a nice touch.  Reminds you that your watch is not only a good investment, but an instrument in addition to being an accessory. Remember, it is a diving watch too. I am not sure if it is the specific model, but you can see an example of one of the Bathys branded Pelican cases in one of the images, in case you don't know what a Pelican case is.

Eterna KonTiki Date 2009 Watch Watch Releases

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TX 400 Series Perpetual Weekly Calendar Ref. T3C301 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Cartier watches are undeniably sexy and have an excellent brand image. Not always the watch for when you want something horologically interesting on your wrist, they are a great default watch for days you want something "simply nice" on your wrist. Still a jeweler in spirit, Cartier strives for that polished high-end look as opposed to being overtly avant garde. Conservative and nice is their main design drive.

Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk Limited Edition Watch To be Auctioned Off Sales & Auctions

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Seiko Izul, The Coolest Watch You've Never Heard Of (And Can't Get) Watch Releases

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Milus Herios & Tirion TriRetrograde Watches Hands-On

Milus Herios & Tirion TriRetrograde Watches Hands-On

As the system sips power it moves the winding carriage in small increment clockwise. After 10 minutes the cage is pushed far enough that the system releases it. A rotor shaped weight in the back of the cage uses natural momentum to move the cage back and forth until it stops. This perfectly simulates the movement required to wind your automatic watch, and funny enough is based on the same principle. Once the cage stops the process continues again. What is great is that the system is perfect no matter what direction the rotor in your watch needs to move to wind the movement.

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HourTime Watch Talk Podcast Is Here – About Us and A Trip to Japan

HourTime Watch Talk Podcast Is Here – About Us and A Trip to Japan

One thing that is interesting is that Rolex apparently hates these watches. I've been told that if you have a modified Rolex watch, never send it to Rolex for servicing (they might not exactly send it back the same - and with a "restoration" bill). Chew on that. Not such a big deal though as Rolex movements are famously easy to work with. I sometimes ask watch makers their favorite movements to  repair or work on, and "Rolex" is often the answer.

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Vulcain Anniversary Heart Cricket Watch For President Barack Obama: Thoughts

Vulcain Anniversary Heart Cricket Watch For President Barack Obama: Thoughts

Hublot Classic Fusion

Functions retain Casio "triple sensor" family that has the compass, pressure sensor (barometer and altimeter), and thermometer. These are all easy to use and handy features. There is also the computer which does a tons of things like having the world time, calendar, alarms, countdown timer, chronograph, and other functions. The PAW-1500 has a tide chart and moon phase, not sure if this model has those features. It does however feature the sunrise and sunset time. This is good for all sorts of people including fishermen or hunters, and of course vampire hunters! Not to mention the rest of you who will appreciate this data that takes into consideration your timezone and the time of year. Realize that the PAW-2000 does not seek to put the PAW-1500 out of business, but rather will offer a slightly different feature set depending on what you need.

Seiko Ananta Spring Drive Watches Watch Releases

There are several versions of the Technograph Wild watch, even in python skin. This is the gray version, or otherwise known as that Ref. P0334-2Q.SG.L3201. The watch has an interesting automatic chronograph movement. It can measure up to 30 minutes, and uses the right subdial for the chronograph minutes. Although the dials are partially covered, the dial uses a double sided hand, that is longer on one side. That way the same half of the subdial can be used for two purposes based on the length of the hand following it. Get it? This is the same for the time seconds subdial on the left side. The watch face is in the center of the dial, and smaller. The chronograph seconds hand is the largest hand on the face, and uses the whole dial. The watch also has a date complication. Overall a very attractive design if you ask me.

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Avenir Chrono was started by the Ukrainian immigrants jewelers who started the popular Rafaello & Company Jewelers. Looks like there is gonna a long line of chronograph watches coming from them with a name like that. The watches are made via partners in Switzerland with Swiss movements. The Boss Premiere timepieces use ETA Valjoux 7753 automatic movements. There are the same as a Valjoux 7750, but with a tri-compax chronograph layout and no day of the week indicator. There is likely an open caseback with a view into the movement.

As Fredrik Gisle from Ezteem watches put it "At a glance it seems simple and straight forward. Yet there are many details thoroughly planned, which makes the watch both bold and elegant. We hope this gives warmth to the owner, from a Sweden that is otherwise cold a large portion of the year."

Orient Ladies' Automatic CDB01005W Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews