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After delving into watches more and understanding the intricacies of haute horology, I am now drawn to more complicated and slimmer watches. If I were to be asked to name my 'grails' I would rank them as follows:

  1. Grand Seiko GMT for an everyday modern watch
  2. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak for an everyday classic watch
  3. Harry Winston Opus 3 for the ultimate in watch making
  4. Ulysse Nardin Freak for the ultimate dress watch.

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Finally, we have the city of Miami, which will also have an exhibit that focuses on the unique design of the cases of TAG Heuer watches. The star of the Miami exhibition is a vintage Heuer Camaro from the '70s.

Project X Custom Rolex Daytona 'Paul Newman' Tribute & Other Colorful Variants Watch Releases

Buying Watches In Denver, Colorado: Oster Jewelers Watch Stores ABTW: Do you serve mostly locals or tourists, or is it a good mix? Also, what percentage of your customers would you call "knowledgeable watch collectors?"

ABTW: You have your "first" grail - is there anything that you're on the search for now? If not, is there something you really hope walks through your door one day?

Retail prices for the Scuderia Ferrari watches start at 5 for the three-hand steel Formula Italia model. In the black-coated case, the Scuderia Ferrari Formula Italia three-hand is 5. The Scuderia Ferrari Formula Italia chronograph in steel is 5 going up to 5 for the Scuderia Ferrari Formula Italia chronograph in black-coated steel. The limited edition Scuderia Ferrari Formula Italia S watch leads the pack in price at 5.

Blancpain L-Evolution Tourbillon Carrousel Watch For 2015 Hands-On

Blancpain L-Evolution Tourbillon Carrousel Watch For 2015 Hands-On

Parmigiani Ovale Pantographe Watch Hands-On Hands-On

There is impressive news for those obsessed with the idea behind the actual functionality of the tourbillon – which is to average out positional errors by constantly rotating (re-positioning) the balance wheel. And that is knowing that the balance wheel and spring of the Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 6 are spinning as freely in space as Sandra Bullock was in the movie Gravity. The tourbillon assembly in itself is composed of 141 parts and weighs a mere 1.85 grams – and while that seems remarkably light, it is in fact a very heavy structure when you consider that it has to be stopped and set into motion six times every second, as the frequency of the balance wheels is 3 Hertz (21,600 vibrations per hour).

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Single & Double Tourbillon Watches Hands-On Hands-On

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph Blue Watch Hands-On Hands-On

On the surface of things, this watch looks like just another dressier piece that has had tritium tubes applied. A closer look shows us that things are a bit different, at least from other Ball watches I've seen.

Six greatly different Horological Machines, three Legacy Machines and another six "Performance Art" iterations: this is where MB&F stands in early 2015. While we are awaiting their tenth completely new creation, the time is just right to look back at – and say goodbye to – what has admittedly been their most successful Machine so far: the HM3. Now, with a 25-piece limited edition run of the MB&F HM3 MegaWind Final Edition, Max Büsser and his Friends are finishing off Horological Machine No.3 and its movement family. We had the chance to go hands-on with the MB&F HM3 MegaWind Final Edition, so let's see what this suitably dark Machine is like in the metal... but only after a quick wrap-up of why the HM3 is important and what it meant for the brand.

Time Warp Creations Zymosis Lockdown Watch: Easily The Weirdest Thing You've Seen All Week Watch Releases

At the time of writing this article, the Watch_Amish account is still relatively niche with under 500 followers - and in a sense, I hope it remains underground so that the character of the humor endures. Then again, the watch community on Instagram and other social media platforms might benefit from the subtle "tone it down" message that Watch_Amish paints with humor in their various "Amish Approved" posts.

Tissot T-Touch ‘Pocket Touch’ Watch

Tissot T-Touch ‘Pocket Touch’ Watch

Dive watch enthusiasts eager to enjoy Omega's latest and greatest movement tech will be thrilled to hear that the Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200M is now the recipient of some interesting upgrades and Omega's anti-magnetic movement technology. The new colors offer a bit more variety, but at the end of the day, even people with a modern Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200M watch with the 8500 movement will be deeply romanced by the new 2015 Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200M Co-Axial Master Chronometer collection. While the black on black model is probably my top choice, that white dial with blue bezel option is talking to me. Though, at these prices, you are gonna want to get a lot of mileage out of these watches.

One of the new Tiffany & Co. CT60 watches is known as the Tiffany & Co. CT60 Calendar Watch and is the limited edition model of the bunch with collectors in mind. While the dial isn't exactly like the FDR timepiece, this model was the most inspired by it serving as a unique modern analog to the brand's history. More on the Tiffany & Co. CT60 Calendar watch below.

In my opinion, some of the basic Terrascope and Aquascope models look the best. Not only do you get a coherent and versatile design (along with a pretty darn legible dial), but you also get what I think is the essence of the brand. In order to continually have new models JeanRichard plays with the basic concept and offers unique versions such as the (admittedly clever) JeanRichard Aquascope Hokusai collection that I debuted here. Click that link for a bit more background on the Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai. The watch features the motif of a famous Hokusai woodblock carving titled "The Great Wave Off Kanagawa."

When pressing both the top and bottom pushers on the locking mechanism protruding from the left-side of the case, the middle part of the mechanism shoots out, unlocking the bezel which can then be turned in one direction. Press the middle section back in and it clicks into place, locking the bezel. Its a fun little system and adds enthusiast flavor the Bulova Sea King Automatic 96B226 watch. The case also has an automatic helium release valve.

That thermometer is how the name Kelvin got attached to this Trainmaster model. Of course, Lord Kelvin is why we have the Kelvin temperature scale. The sapphire exhibition caseback also lays claim to temperatures, with scales printed on there to help you go from Kelvin to Fahrenheit – or Celsius, if that is the model you opt for. I do wonder if it would have been possible to fit all three scales on there at the same time and/or to print these scales on a tinted or "smoked" sapphire case back, improving the legibility of the white scales.

This goes along with what I have predicted are a series of "wow" moments that consumers will experience in various ways as they understand how a smartwatch can have a valued place in their already technologically crowded lives. The question MMT is trying to answer is how the traditional watch industry will react to timepieces no longer being about only tradition, luxury, and style, but also (once again), functionality.

Aside from the cool new coloring of the Romain Jerome Spacecraft Black, Romain Jerome finally put the time into a strap that matches the case. The relatively thin strap on the original Spacecraft felt too little for the case, making it odd-looking on the wrist. The Romain Jerome Spacecraft Black comes with an almost bund-style strap made from black buffalo leather with orange stitching that matches the accents on the watch itself. It is finally a strap that the RJ Spacecraft watch deserves.

Welcome back to an aBlogtoWatch original series, where we discuss important stores that sell watches all over the world. Each store we profile has an interesting story to tell about where they operate and who they sell to. Whether you buy watches from brick and mortar retailers or prefer to buy watches online, these are the stores that help shape our watch culture around the globe. There is a long list of stores to cover, but if there is a retail location in your favorite city that we simply can’t miss, let us know in the comments below.

Where to buy watches in Aspen, Colorado?

Seeing how tritium gas tubes are made will surely remain among the coolest experiences I have had on these horology-related manufacture visits. Tritium gas tubes are these extremely tiny (about 0.5mm thick and at least 1.3mm long) glass tubes that are filled with (mildly) radioactive tritium gas – although, as we will see, there is a lot more to them than that. What these tubes do is that they are guaranteed to glow brightly and continuously for at least 10 years, without having to be charged by external light (like the luminescent material used on other watches), or needing to be activated with electricity or otherwise. These little tubes just glow, unstoppably, for up to 20 years, no matter what.

Apparently, we are being given an answer to that question right now, as the Zenith Elite 6150, Zenith claims, is "bringing back to the forefront its famous Elite base calibre presented in 1994." What made the modern Zenith what it is today was unquestionably its return to its roots and more traditional side, as Dufour steered the company back that way after the much more modern – and on many occasions, quite extreme – direction that its former CEO, Theirry Nataf had set. This development also brings up another logical question: how did Zenith come up with a new in-house movement in such a short time (basically less than a year from the time of its change of heart)? The answer in this case, Zenith says, is that they have worked on the original Zenith Elite caliber – which has likely accounted for substantial savings both in time, as well as financial investment in its development.

Movado Museum Dial Watch Ready For A Return? Movado Thinks So: Its History & Horwitt's Struggle Watch Releases

In 2014, Parmigiani Fleurier celebrated 10 years of partnership with the French (now German-owned) car manufacturer Bugatti, who makes some of the most coveted supercars in the world, most notably, the world record holder for fastest production car: The Bugatti Veyron. Since Pebble Beach is a short drive from where I live in Silicon Valley, I was more than happy to make the drive to spend a few days living the Bugatti and Parmigiani lifestyle, in what I found to be one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Halda Space Discovery Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Dissatisfied with the performance of how the indicator windows changed on his original prototypes, Francois-Paul decided to invest in a few high-speed video cameras to capture exactly what was going on when the date changed in the calibre FPJ 1300-3 movements. F.P. Journe's now famous watchmaker-OCD wanted to make sure that all the windows changed not only instantly - but at the exact same time. This was especially complicated on those special moments when both the date, day, and month all needed to change together. Francois-Paul would simply not announce the watch as "done" until this key issue was fixed.