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The bead-blasted case finish is excellent. You don't get that many bead-blasted watches these days, but I love them. Finishing on the steel case is soft to the touch, doesn't pick up finger prints very well, and also gives the watch a gray-colored, serious tool watch feel. In the images, you might notice a few discolored squares. Those are merely where some protective stickers were placed when the watch shipped. I left a sticker on the side of the case for a few of the shots, so you'll know what I am talking about. Those areas have since easily cleaned off.

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If your heart has a desire for a watch that combines a very fine and new in-house Blancpain chronograph movement with their Villeret-style case, then this new Blancpain Villeret Pulosmeter Flyback Chronograph timepiece might be for you. Among Blancpain's many watches, the company states that the Villeret is its most classic collection. According to them, double-stepped cases, Roman numerals and an understated aesthetic are hallmarks of its Villeret watches. Indeed, if one was to browse the collection here, it would be very hard to disagree. One of my personal favorites is the Calendrier Chinois Traditionnel, which has a perpetual calendar function that follows the Chinese calendar.

Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945 XXL Large Date And Moon Phases Transparent Dial Watch Hands-On Hands-On

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Whether or not Apple decides to release an iWatch, iTime, iWhatever... smartwatch in a few hours or a few months (UPDATE: They did. See the Apple Watch here), we know that the accomplished Australian industrial designer Marc Newson will more than likely be a big part of the design process of this upcoming and highly anticipated wearable computing device. A few days ago, I discussed the implications and virtues of Apple's decision to have Marc Newson join Jony Ive in designing products at the company. You cannot discuss Marc Newson and watches without talking at length about Ikepod.

Christian Bedat: The answer is no, as I got what I wanted. Anyway, one must put in perspective the value of objects, as in fact, they are there to give you pleasure regardless of the object and the price. No one needs anything that we call luxury. So it is more about enjoyment and life pleasure. If you miss an object, who cares. But do not miss your life!

3 Concept Smartwatches That Could Be From Popular Swiss Luxury Brands

3 Concept Smartwatches That Could Be From Popular Swiss Luxury Brands

One of the participants at the event not only created an app, but an open source audio platform for Apple’s operating system called Audio Kit. This program can be used in a variety of ways, one of which was as a workout motivator app. Using the new heart rate sensor in the Apple Watch it is able to correlate your movement to the pace of the song your iPhone is currently playing. The watch takes the users heart rate information to relay back to the phone in real time – the quicker the user's heart rate, the more sped up the song will play. Likewise, if you rest for too long, the songs will begin to slow down in correspondence with your heart rate, thus making the song much less enjoyable. The user can also choose to inverse these settings, as well as indicate their ideal heart rate to maintain a steady pace.

I was fortunate enough to spend some time with and shadow Sir Jackie Stewart in and around Pebble Beach - one of my favorite places in the world - during and around the Concours d'Elegance time in August. There is probably no one better than Jackie to be hanging out with when admiring some of the world's most important classic cars - especially the race cars. Sir Jackie not only knows an awful lot about cars, but he has some very wise opinions on them. He is a passionate chap, and there is nothing better than being around such a talented person who can articulate what they do and don't like. A car lover myself, I realized there was a lot to learn from someone like Mr. Stewart about automobiles, so I did by best to shut up, listen, and only ask meaningful questions.

As a company, Nevo hails from Hong Kong as well as France, and they make a lot of reference to the fact that the watch design is French. While they haven't indicated the size of the Nevo smartwatch just yet, it fully appears that the steel case is about 42mm wide and comes in a few finishes including steel, PVD-coated gold tone, and PVD-coated black. The black hands on white dial offer a highly legible look and the overall look of the timepiece is attractive. Nevo even includes a sapphire crystal over the dial (which is surprising at the watch's price). The case is said to be water resistant to 30 meters (which in the watch world isn't that much, yet Nevo does seem to suggest you can swim with it). It will also come with an Italian leather strap as well as an extra fabric strap. The style of the case and lugs means that the user can easily swap out the straps for whatever third-party straps they want.

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Ulysse Nardin Freak Cruiser Watch Review

Ulysse Nardin Freak Cruiser Watch Review

Available in either brushed or PVD black coated steel, the new Formula 1 watches take a new step in design compared the outgoing generation's models. The case is now tonneau-shaped and the dial looks very little like the last few generation Formula 1 models. TAG Heuer's historic Autavia models had similar case shapes, and I suppose one could suggest that TAG Heuer designed the new Formula 1 in its honor.

In my opinion, this modern version is every bit as excellent as the true original of nearly five decades ago, and features the same case dimensions and dial design of the ’69 model. Zenith is, in my opinion, one of the most misunderstood modern manufactures, and offers a superlative product for a relatively meager sum. A386s can be pretty hard to come by (believe me, I’ve looked), and the Original 1969 is a truly fantastic alternative I’d be proud to own and wear. Thanks, Secret Santa!

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As it worked out, the brand has its office/workshop space not too far from my office, so I swung by there one evening to have a chat with the founder, Andrew Perez. In our talk, Perez really came across as just another watch guy who had an idea of a watch he could create, and where it might fit in the wider landscape.

The 48mm white gold model, limited to only 10 pieces, exudes a look of scientific competency. Scientifically competent it is. The Girard-Perregaux Tri-Axial Tourbillon is a complex lesson in physics (how about gyrophysics), tribology (yes that's an "-ology" - principles of friction, lubrication, and wear), metallurgy (tourbillon cages must be strong, light, and resilient) and that's only a start. The amount of scientific know-how required to create a functioning tri-axial tourbillon can fill walls of books or quite a bit of server space.

However, this is not the typical 9R65 found in most Grand Seiko, this is the 9R15, which debuted in 2010. The difference aesthetically is only in the rotor, bearing an 18k gold Grand Seiko lion medallion, but both do have a tremendous amount of striping and perlage noticeable on lower portions of the movement. The real difference is in the quartz crystal used for regulation. Due to the fact that Seiko grows their own quartz crystals in house, they have the advantage of specially selecting the highest performing ones. In the 9R15, this specially selected quartz crystal provides the movement with an outstanding accuracy rating of +/- 10 second per month. Because of the limited availability of these quartz crystals, the 9R15 movement is only produced for limited edition models, with the SBGA109 limited to only 700 pieces for the world. MRSP on the Grand Seiko Spring Drive SBGA109 is ,000 USD and can be purchased at AZFineTime.com.

To begin with, the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair of 2012 (feature article here) told us about a prevalent lack of distinctive and creative new designs when it came to most Asian manufacturers. In other words, we learned that the absolute majority of such companies aim to cater to the demand of an already highly successful market segment, in which they wish to compete with cheaper prices and greater accessibility. This, one could say, results in copying proven (and famous) designs, and while that certainly is true to some extent, things are not all that simple. To learn more about this complex issue I would suggest reading our article about the show from two years ago – but for now we will say that balancing on the verge of unproven creativity and blatant copying is not easy... and yet, there has been progress.

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Are there any similar fashion restrictions about after-market watch straps being matched with watches? For example, is it OK to wear a brown strap on a watch with a black dial?

Niall One Mechanical Watches Claim To Be Made With Over 90% American Parts Watch Releases

Unique Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Gold 50th Anniversary Of 007 Goldfinger Watch Sells For 3,000

Unique Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Gold 50th Anniversary Of 007 Goldfinger Watch Sells For 3,000

Buying Watches In Los Angeles, California: Feldmar Watch Co. Watch Stores ABTW: What are some of the watch brands you are known for carrying? If you could pick a watch brand or model that epitomizes the culture or style of Los Angeles, what would it be?

Finally, at 7:30PM, I hopped into a cab and made my way to Chateau Marmont Hotel for the launch party. Walking into this historic venue was amazing, it felt very old-Hollywood and was something I would have never stumbled upon on my own. Getting there a bit early, I was able to talk to the Hublot representatives and get some 1-on-1 time with the pieces they brought. Having never seen the Hublot MP-05 in person, it was a sight to behold.

I am not trying to suggest that in-house made is better or worse that in-house designed, but rather that the two concepts are distinct, and that savvy consumers looking to spend thousands of dollars (or much more) on a watch should be aware of the differences. Of course, the meaning of these terms can become quite confusing when brands own the external companies that either design or produce the movements for them.

Reuge worked with specialist Jeanmichel Capt of a company called JMC Lutherie on the MusicMachine 2 in order to improve the sound quality. The machine makes use of aluminum, brass, and 350-year-old spruce wood. There is also some Nomex, which is a Kevlar-like material which I believe is used in fire-retardant clothing, which acts as a barrier to help prevent energy loss. The entire idea of creating a better sounding music box is to allow for the vibrations to move through the entire machine, and not be dissipated without making sound.

aBlogToWatch: You’ve since acquired other IWC timepieces. Is there a particular focus to your collection?

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The dress watch is not dead: among fierce competition between luxury brands to create the latest, greatest, most complicated and most resistant (to whatever impact the wearer himself/herself could never possibly survive), there actually still is a massive market for restrained and classical looking timepieces. Clearly, the IWC Portofino Hand-Wound Pure Classic intends to get a large slice of the high-end, classical dress watch market – although, as we will see, there is some hypocrisy involved.