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Movement-wise we have the same in-house co-axial calibres 9300/9301 equipped with a silicon balance spring which is impervious to magnetic fields. This is a movement that I have looked at before and am personally a big fan of, as it allows a more streamlined dial look, reducing the three sub-dials of the original 1957 version to a more  balanced bicompax layout.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS - Girard-Perregaux Chrono Hawk

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The restless drive for innovation pursued by watch companies has left a trail of "firsts" and these are a good place to start for the cost-conscious collector. An example of the first ever automatic wristwatch, the Harwood from the late 1920s can be bought for less than £300.

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Here in Los Angeles I was afforded the opportunity to meet Kobe for a bit while Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe showed the sharply dressed Lakers MVP around the brand's Beverly Hills boutique off Rodeo. Our party waited eagerly for Kobe's arrival. Someone mentioned "we have him for about 20 minutes." Kobe's personal watches aren't done yet. The two King Power Black Mamba watches are prototypes, but he and his entourage will likely get Hublot-ed out with timepieces galore helping to marry the Swiss watch brand with the basketball star turned lifestyle icon brand. Unlike any other luxury brand, Hublot has successfully captured the world of sports, especially in the US, in a big way.

The Moon Orbiter watch is completely out of this world and that is just how Romain Jerome likes it. I was sitting with Romain Jerome's CEO recently in Las Vegas while we sipped on drinks as we was going through the final testing of the Moon Orbiter whilst wearing it on his wrist. There wasn't too much Vegasy about it, but it did look as though his wrist was an alien world landing site for a strange new watch. Roman Jerome unveiled it to me last year as a prototype - and I was impressed with the novel space watch that included an automatic flying tourbillon movement and new case design.

There’s no denying that watches can sometimes be great investment tools. Just look at the Paul Newman dial Daytonas, or for more recent examples, the PAM 127 “Fiddy” and the PAM 382 “Bronzo”. However, spotting such pieces are not easy. It takes a keen eye and a good understanding of collectors’ mentality to be able to pick out a piece worth investing in. Personally, I don’t think watches should be thought of as a means of investment, but if that’s your thing, here’s a list of five sports watches that could appreciate in value in the near future.

Welcome to "My First Grail Watch," a new interview series on aBlogtoWatch that explores the first major timepiece lusted after by important people in the watch industry.

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In-house manufacture movement calibre
Dimensions: 35.5mm x 10.5mm
Power reserve: 60-hours
Number of jewels: 30 in movement, 34 for chain
Number of components: 333
Balance frequency: 28,800 bph / 4Hz
Highest level haute horlogerie finishing, including hand polished screws and jewel countersinks; hand bevelled and polished bridges and plates.
Three patents pending

How Quickly A Pickpocket Can Steal Your Watch

How Quickly A Pickpocket Can Steal Your Watch

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You want a classy dress watch? Patek Philippe has got a classy dress watch for you. This new version of the Calatrava has an 18k gold (rose, yellow, or white) case, increased in size to 39mm wide. Even Patek Philippe isn’t immune to the concept that people want bigger watches, even formal pieces. 39mm wide isn’t big, but rather just the right size for a modern suit watch. At just over 9mm thick, it isn’t chunky either. Aside from the picture perfect dial with pristine dauphine-style hands, the case has a new hunter-style hinged case back that Patek Philippe worked hard to blend in with the case. The system means that it does have a case back that can be popped open to see the movement, but you’d never know it was there unless you looked. Imminently classy, this was easily the top dress watch of the show. The icing on the cake is the extremely modern mechanical Patek Philippe made caliber 324 S C automatic movement that include technologies such as Patek’s Gyromax balance wheel and their Spiromax hairspring.

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It goes without saying that with all the electronics inside, that this isn't a mechanical watch. Except for the day when you have to activate the emergency beacon, what you wear everyday is a typical Breitling quartz chronograph in a 51mm titanium case, which is way bigger than the original version at 43mm.

The Girard-Perregaux Chrono Hawk is 44mm wide in an angular steel case that also mixes cues from the older Laureato models as well as the former generation Sea Hawk. However, there are some new things as well. First are the case curved chronograph pushers that remind me a lot of the new pushers on Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph models. There is the black rubber ring between the case and bezel, as well as black rubber trim throughout.

One good feature that the Time Timer has (not unique to this device though) is an audible (beeping) as well as vibrating alarm. If you are doing a presentation or something like that and need a reminder of when your time is up or when you have just a few minutes left, this vibration alarm is a good option because it is easy to set the alarm as a function of a predetermined amount of time versus having to use the actual time. This minor distinction is sort of a big deal and watches with these functions are actually quite rare.

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The Patek Philippe Jumbo Beta 21 is an example of the first quartz watch ever produced by the brand as part of their collaboration with the CEH project. Following on from the presentation of the world’s first quartz watch – the prototype Beta 1 in 1967, work began on producing a watch for sale.

The complications on this piece alone could perhaps justify the increase in cost, but leaving it at that wouldn’t be telling the whole story. After a week with the Retrograde, I am delighted to convey that the piece as a whole far surpasses my expectations, for a number of additional reasons.

With a few weeks of wrist time, I can safely say that this won't be my last time visiting Matt's Etsy shop to browse his latest creations. Much like watches, straps come in all prices from sub NATOS to handmade luxury options that can cost hundreds of dollars. Teenage Grandpa exists somewhere in the middle, offering handmade attention with interesting choices in leather and stitching, all around the 0 price mark. Whether you've worn through that old Hirsch Liberty or simply need something to spruce up an often unworn favorite, be sure to check out what Matt has on offer as I found these great looking straps to be comfy, nicely made, and full of character. Teenage Grandpa Store on Etsy

Hudson Hero Now JeanRichard Watch Ambassador

Hudson Hero Now JeanRichard Watch Ambassador

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ABTW: I know you and some of your Friends travel a lot, meeting the public and the press, introducing your latest pieces. That means you get their feedback directly. I would like to find out whether you have experienced a change in the public’s perception of your work. You said that the HM1 now appears to be extremely conservative, while when you created it it was out of this world. Seeing how your opinion about it has changed I would like to hear what you feel about the public: how did they react then and how do they react now to your work?